CleverStyle Framework

Simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework.

CleverStyle Framework

"About sever" page of administration

The best fits into developers' requirements, when creating websites with unique functionality.

System as a whole provides all necessary abstractions for quick development, that works together right our of the box, and do not require special setup because of reasonable default.

PickMeUp jQuery Datepicker plugin

Really simple, powerful and customizable datepicker

PickMeUp jQuery Datepicker plugin

PickMeUp with date range selection and 3 months

jQuery datepicker plugin with easy interface, and easy way to customize appearance.

Can be used with inputs of inline on page. Supports single, multiple and range dates selection.

SASS stylesheet with parameters allows easily fit datepicker into your project.

Useful PHP Functions

Set of system-independent functions from CleverStyle CMS

This is just set of useful functions which are more or less trivial. Most of them was written for CleverStyle CMS, but hopefully, they might be useful for others.

The purpose of UPF is propagating DRY principle and eliminating of trivial annoying blocks of code in favor of what really matters.

PHP Markdown Next

Parser, based on PHP Markdown Extra and PHP Markdown Extra Extended

Parser for Markdown markup with different useful extensions.

Refactored old code, added useful features that are not available neither in PHP Markdown nor PHP Markdown Extra, can be installed through composer.

CleverStyle PhpStorm theme

Dark theme for PhpStorm/WebStorm

CleverStyle PhpStorm theme

How syntax highlighting for different languages looks like

There is non-zero probability, that if you read this — you code something using PHP, JavaScript, CSS and so on. For many people long reading of light text on dark background is much easier that dark text on light background.

Here is very good dark theme that I'm using a lot of hours every day with PhpStorm IDE, hope you'll like it too:)


BananaHTML — single class that makes HTML generating easier

Tired from HTML/PHP mixed templates, do not like other template systems, which syntax is completely new markup language?

Here is solution: generate HTML from PHP directly with well known CSS-selectors. Simple, natural syntax, good performance and there is no need to cache template - it is already regular PHP file.


Ridiculously simple, incredibly powerful grid system.

Imagine, there is single mixin that allows you to do complex layouts with any number of columns of arbitrary size with different number of columns on each row. This is just a single line of code!


WebServer (MariaDB, PHP-FPM, Nginx) composed from several separate containers linked together

Web server, database, PHP, log rotaing, backup/restore and data-only containers - all you need to make flexible, maintainable and easily upgradable PHP setups using Docker.


phpMyAdmin as Docker container, based on official image, always latest version

Simple and timely upgraded Docker image is currently the most popular on Docker Hub.

CleverStyle Music

CleverStyle Music Open Web App. Music player for Firefox OS built using open web technologies.

CleverStyle Music

CleverStyle Music on Android

Music player for Firefox OS that also works fine on Firefox for Android. Based on modern open Web standards it contains features like music library, equalizer, environmental sound effects and more.